Apart from a good mattress, a pillow is the other essential thing needed to have an enjoyable night. If you choose the wrong pillow, you will wake up feeling too tired and with a painful stiff neck. What is more is that you will not even enjoy your night since it will entail a lot of tossing as you try to find a comfortable position. A bad pillow also causes shoulder pain and can cause an increase in allergic reactions like sneezing. This is why you need a good pillow for sleeping to keep your head and neck comfortable. The following tips to buying a good pillow for sleeping will help you when you set out to look for one.

Buying A Good Pillow For Sleeping

1. Material used to fill the pillow

Different manufacturers use varied materials to fill pillows. The most common materials are polyester or synthetic fiber, foam and down feathers. Foam these are also the best materials to fill a pillow. Thkkdkddkdkdkdey all make durable and comfortable pillows that guarantee you a good night’s sleep one such pillow to purchase is the Coop Hypoallergenic Memory Foam. However, they differ in comfort level with feather – filled pillows being the most comfortable. This also makes it the most expensive. Polyester – filled pillows are cheaper but serve comfort altogether. A good pillow for sleeping should be soft to your skin and support your head and neck. If you need a firmer pillow, a foam – filled one will give you that.

2. Your sleeping position

Another tip to buying a good pillow for sleeping is knowing your sleeping position. There are three sleeping positions; Back position, On the stomach position and On the side position. These positions determine the type of pillow that you should buy. If you sleep on your back, a pillow that supports your neck and head at a slight acute angle will be perfect. A fluffier pillow would serve you best since it allows sufficient breathing in that position. If you sleep on your stomach, a low – loft or thin pillow is perfect since it keeps your neck from hyperextension. For a person who sleeps on the side, a fluffy pillow that fills the space between the neck and the head will be great.


3. The thread count

The thread count is one of the important tips to buying a good pillow for sleeping. It determines a lot of things on a pillow. A higher thread count equals a softer, more durable and higher quality pillow. Basically, the higher the thread count, the better the pillow. Therefore, when purchasing a pillow, you should consider one with a higher thread count. Additionally, a pillow with a higher thread count is more expensive. During purchase, you should put a balance between cost and quality so that you do not surpass your budget but at the same time get a good pillow.

4. The fluff

hjjhdududduuThe fluff determines the comfort and durability of the pillow. It is, therefore, a great tip to consider when buying a good pillow for sleeping. The higher the fluff factor, the more comfortable and durable a pillow is. A pillow with more fluff also allows sufficient flow of clean air and thus prevents allergic reactions. It also supports your neck and head well by trapping enough air inside.