About us. In 1986, the Council on Children and Families, under the auspices of the New York State Citizens Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect, published the Family Resources Book, an annotated bibliography of pamphlets and books, audiovisual materials, and a compilation of state and national organizations that served children and families. In the 20 years since, it has been a much sought after publication and it is with this in mind that the Council began to revise and update the information contained in this resource book. Family Resource Book
With the help of an advisory group of parenting educators, librarians and experts in the field of family support, the Council on Children and Families assumed the task of compiling and evaluating materials for inclusion. The criteria were simple . . . the information would be up to date, generally accepted by the professional field and useful both to families raising children before birth to adolescence and to the professionals that support them.

The resources presented on this site are not all inclusive and do not imply endorsement of any particular methodology or parenting approach. The goal is to provide a user friendly site to locate high quality resources available on-line, in local libraries or by purchase in stores. We have attempted to provide a balanced, broad-spectrum of topics with resources useful to all.